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What We Do

Before we tell you about us, let’s talk about you.

How are you? Really, we want to know. We’ve made a name for ourselves by making that question – and our mission – meaningful. We dig deep to understand our client’s businesses, needs, hopes and dreams. Simply put, our goal is to invest at such a level that we become a trusted resource, a true business ally. How do we do it? By learning, understanding, collaborating – and investing in our client’s brands. We then take that knowledge and turn it into authentic communication that truly connects with your customers.

You really can consider us a relationship agency – and a full-service communications agency. We’ve been in this business for a long time. We love it. We breathe it. We live it. And we know how to put together the right solutions – whether it is at the beginning, the middle, or even starting over.


Brand Development

Our goal is always to help you build the most charismatic brand possible. To uncover that magic, we work with you to explore and determine your brand essence. We help define what you stand for, the promises you make and the personality you want to convey. Our goal? To develop meaningful conversations that resonate with your most valuable audience.

Good Design

We get that not only are first impressions important, but so are the ones that come next. We’ll work with you to craft a look and feel that….well, feels like you and will be sustainable for years to come. Memorable logos, taglines, brochures, packaging, print ads, signage, you name it … customized to suit you perfectly – and work beautifully.


It’s our job to tell brand’s story – and help you get noticed in a crowd. Maybe that’s through unforgettable radio or TV ad campaigns. Fun or beautiful print ads. A compelling website. Smart digital campaigns. A merger of traditional solutions with contemporary communication. We strategize every move to suit your business goals, optimize your awareness and get results you need.

Brand Workshops

We help you think outside the box – after you think inside the brand. Our unique, fun and comprehensive brand workshops are designed to dig deep to learn more about your vision, your culture, your mojo – and bring your authentic brand to life. Our clients love them, not only because it helps them understand their brand personality, but also because it helps pave the way for advertising and marketing that really works.

Sales Strategy

Ginger and Fred. The moon and the stars. Peanut butter and jelly. To be successful, marketing and sales should always work in tandem. Although they’re two distinct aspects of business, they’re inherently linked. We work with you to establish a sales strategy – or move it to the next level. From creating a sales force, to building new distribution or additional verticals, we’ll help you engage customers, expand reach and grow revenue.

Referral Marketing

Consumers trust friends more than brands. It’s never been more true! With dramatic increases in social networks and online sharing, the ways people discover information has significantly changed. Word-of-mouth marketing is more powerful than ever before — and we work with brands to help harness the power of loyal customers to get them to spread the word on their behalf. We design referral programs, personalized experiences and compelling offers that ignite advocacy, increase awareness and drive new sales.

Our Work

We invite you to take a peek at some of our work on recent and favorite client projects.

About Us

We’re brand experience architects and we build lovable brands.

Even though we offer full-service marketing, we’re not your typical advertising agency in Bend, Oregon. In fact, we actually consider ourselves to be a relationship agency. We go beyond the usual marketing strategies to help our clients build authentic, innovative and engaging brand experiences. Ones that build meaningful – and lasting – relationships with customers.

With a perpetual glass half full, we see an opportunity in every client’s challenge. We look for the most positive outcome – and the best path to get there. We listen, understand and partner with our clients to find the right solutions for your budget. We share the journey, we help evaluate the results, we’re there to celebrate the successes. We’re inspired by the entire experience – and we hope to inspire right back.

Whether you’re a start-up business, a growing business, or a large business, we’ll meet you where you are at and help you address your challenges.


Strategists. Writers. Designers. Media Planners. Photographers. Website Programmers. Friends. Comedians. Social Media Whizzes. Promotional Experts. Print Gurus. Our team of talented pros are on hand when you need them. Or waiting behind the scenes until you do. We pull together just the right team of specialists you need for your individual project.

  • Georell Bracelin

    Brand Specialist | Orchestrator | Team Alchemist | Solution Finder

  • Tenley Sutton

    Graphic Designer | Creative Collaborator | Brand Identity Zealot | Fast Walker

  • Gary Bracelin

    Sales Strategist & Consultant | Trend Spotter | Relationship Builder | Snowboard Maniac

  • Brenda Speirs

    Queen Bee | Brand Ambassador | Gift Explorer | Creative Crusader

  • Elise Michaels

    Website Developer | Team Player | Code Pusher | Voice Talent | Guitar Slinger

  • Greg Kleinert

    Designer / Photographer | Photoshop Wizard | Perfect Lighting Locator | Sharp Shooter

  • JC Nore

    Print Evangelist | Tactile Tactician | Awestruck Human | Crazy Proud Dad

  • John Dempsey

    Social Media Whiz | Digital Strategist | Problem Solver | High Five Enthusiast

  • Kathy Valenti

    Copywriter | Concept Lover | Aspiring Writer | Savvy Storyteller

  • Kevin Murphy

    Extra Special Customer Care | Information Activist | Research of All Info Jack-Of-All-Support | Midnight Paddler

  • Leah Stephenson

    Strategy Support | SEO & Social Smarty-Pants | Creative Contributor | Eagle Eye

  • Michaele Grabenhorst

    Print Wizard | Spot Checker | Estimate Wrangler | Price Finder

  • Steve Tague

    Focused Photographer | Lacrosse Engineer | Former TV Talent | Light Maestro

  • Travis Vlach

    Bookkeeping Guru | Budget Decoder | Dad of the Year | Human Calculator

  • Umami Media

    Videography | Visual Storytellers | Detail Fiends | Pixel Pushers

Our Clients

We've made some friends - and built some great brands - along the way.

"What is top of mind when I think of gb2? Spirited. Gifted. Enjoyable. Right-on. Professional. Adaptable. Intuitive. Talented. Fun. Effective. We thoroughly enjoyed our branding work with Georell and Tenley. The process was most enjoyable and the products sing to us (and to our patrons)!"

Jan Taylor, Community Relations Manager, Bend Park and Recreation District

“Georell and GB2 bring a knack for authentic branding and marketing that was extremely refreshing after working with numerous other self ascribed experts in the field. They are able to strip out the non-essentials and get right to the important stuff. I highly recommend them to any new, or existing business, that is looking to take that next step.”

Justin Rae, PlayOutdoors

"As a new entrepreneur in Bend, I was recommended by several individuals and businesses to GB2. After seeing their portfolio of work, talking through their experience and the skill set they offers, it was clear to me that they would be a great fit for our branding and marketing needs. Our business went through GB2's Brand Workshop to help us solidify who we are and why we're doing it, as well as some extensive logo design work and other marketing pieces. The quality of their products has been phenomenal, and they are a joy to work with. We will be using them for many more projects to come!"

Rob Little, Co-Founder & CEO, Cairn

"After several years of neglecting our business marketing, we enlisted the expertise of GB2 to assist us in getting back on track. In a very timely fashion, Georell and her team quickly guided us in the distillation our brand and the formulation of a simple-to-follow, ongoing program for getting the message of our skills, services and past accomplishments out to our target markets.The process was painless...and even enjoyable!"

Neal Huston, Neal Huston & Associates Architects Inc

“GB2 took our fundraising campaign visions and turned them into reality.They listened to what we had hoped to accomplish, shared their ideas, and came up with a well thought-out game plan. Whenever changes needed to be made, they handled all the fine details and took away the stress.They have been wonderful to work with -- so caring and willing to help our organization any way they can!”

Brandi McClennen, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Oregon

“Georell and Tenley were great to work with, loaded with energy and creativity. They listened to ideas and delivered.”

Ted Swigert, the Drake restaurant

“GB2 has taken Partners In Care from a local health care service to a region-wide organization complete with new programs and storylines to share with our Central Oregon community. GB2 not only understands the importance of our work at Partners In Care, they are also able to bring the emotional and relational gifts of our organization to life in their print, TV and radio campaigns.”

Lorie Weber, Partners In Care Hospice & Home Health

“Every step of the way, it was a pleasure working with gb2. Our branding project was timely, efficient, fun, and on budget. It’s nice to work with a partner who provides professionalism, enthusiasm, and value to our project.”

Romy Mortensen, Brooks Resources, Brooks Resources

“I’ve worked with GB2 on a number of occasions, for all different types of clients - yet, they continue to surprise and amaze me with their work. A perfect combination of science and art, they embody what marketing truly is. Georell has an uncanny ability to create strategy amongst chaos - or worse, nothing - and Tenley puts the icing on the cake of every project she touches. Whether it’s high tech, or kid friendly, they hit it out of the park every time. And, did I mention they are fun to work with? They are. For those reasons and many more, GB2 has my highest recommendation.”

Lisa Flynn, Manzama

Current & Past Client Projects:

Professional Services & More
Bryant, Lovlien & Jarvis
Central Oregon Community College
Cascades East Transit
Agricultural Connections

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Oregon
PUSH (Divison Street Skate Park)
The Advertising Federation of Central Oregon
Startup Weekend


Recreation / Lifestyle
Bend Park & Recreation District
Gorilla Growlers
The Drake Restaurant
Play Outdoors
Zoe Outfitters
Homeschool Technical Apparel
The Environmental Center
Deschutes Public Library
Desperado Boutique


Partners In Care
Bend Memorial Clinic
Northwest Brain & Spine
Desert Orthopedics
Pediatric Associates of the Northwest
Central Oregon Independent Practice Association
Bend Anesthesiology Group


Technology / Entrepreneurial
Seven Peaks Ventures
EDCO (Economic Development For Central Oregon)
Startup Weekend
Bend Outdoor Worx

Real Estate
Hidden Hills
Tree Farm
Bend / Belluno

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